• Kailena Van de Nes
    Kailena Van de Nes
    Owner and Artistic Director

    Kailena has been dancing for over 27 years. Since the age of 3, she has always felt that dance was her true passion. She grew up in many different parts of the world, including Brazil, Panama, Aruba, and Canada, so her dance training has been influenced by her global upbringing. She considers herself a maritimer,…

  • Laura van Herk
    Laura van Herk
    Head Ballet Instructor NBS TTP (DIP), RAD RTS, AISTD (NB)

    Head Ballet Instructor – NBS TTP (Dip.), RAD RTS, AISTD (NB) Laura grew up in Nova Scotia and began dancing at the age of 3. She trained in ballet for over 15 years at Coastal Dance in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, while also focusing on jazz and modern dance. During high school, she was a senior member…

  • Victoria Kouzmina
    Victoria Kouzmina
    Head Acro Instructor

    Victoria has been involved with the dance world since she was 6 years old. She started off with ballet, but soon discovered her passion for acrobatics. At the age of 14 she started training at KaliAndrews Dance Company, a studio in Ottawa specializing in acrobatics, where she learned all the different styles such as contortion,…

  • Ebony Hallinan-Page
    Ebony Hallinan-Page

    Ebony was introduced to dance at the age of 3 in Australia. Although dance was not something she stuck to in her younger years she was open to experiencing new styles such as cheerleading and acrobatics which she continued for several years. When she was 14 she made the move to a performing arts high…

  • Kerrie Hartmann
    Kerrie Hartmann

    B.Ed., BFA (Spec. Hons.) Dance, TTP Dip. (NBS), RAD-RTS, ARAD, AISTD Kerrie began dancing at the age of three in Ottawa Ontario, where she studied various forms of dance including ballet, jazz and tap. Pursuing her great passion for ballet, she continued her training at The School of Dance and Vanessa Plettell Dance, as well…

  • Lauren Howard
    Lauren Howard

    Lauren grew up in Ottawa dancing at various dance studios since the age of six. She began training in ballet but soon discovered her love of dance in other styles like lyrical, jazz and, most of all, contemporary. In high school, Lauren began as an assistant teacher with Kailena in her jazz and contemporary classes. This sparked…

  • Victoria Monahan
    Victoria Monahan

    Victoria Monahan is in her final year of high school at Lisgar C. I. and has been dancing for over ten years. Over the course of her dance training she has taken classes in jazz, contemporary, hip hop, ballet, and varying styles of acrobatics. Her favourite styles of dance are contemporary and acro. Victoria’s passion…

  • Emilie Phaneuf
    Emilie Phaneuf

    Emilie has trained, performed and taught in Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Sault Ste-Marie and Corner Brook), United States (Sandpiper, Florida), Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Emilie travels regularly to keep herself up to date on new beats, rhythms and dance moves that she brings back for her students. Her passions are dancing, choreographing, teaching and…

  • Jacqueline Law
    Jacqueline Law

    Jacqueline Law is a grade twelve student at Elmwood School. She has been dancing with Kailena for a few years now, both recreationally and competitively. In that time she has grown to love dance and it has become a huge part of her life. Jacqueline’s favourite style of dance is contemporary. She hopes that through…

  • Emma Bailey
    Emma Bailey

     Emma has been dancing for four years now and she has taken many classes with Kailena such as ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop. She started dance at the age of nine because her friends were doing and she thought it would be a fun way to spend time with them, but she grew to…

  • Meagan Gilson-Lockhart
    Meagan Gilson-Lockhart
    Office Manager

    Meagan started dancing at 3 years old and began assisting and teaching at young age. She has volunteered at Ottawa Dance Directive, Mainline Theatre, Canada dance festival and has been involved in many community arts and children projects. She studied family life education as well as theory of theatre and arts administration which allows her…

Guest Choreographers (2o17 – 2018)

Victoria Spiteri
Zac Vran
Max Wheatley
Nick Branco
Brelene Laskoski
Brianna Clarke
John Hoffman
Kate Tenenhouse
Lindsay Bevan
Melanie Kosev

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