Walkover Program

In order to accommodate the busy schedule of so many parents, and to make the transition from school to dance meticulous, KV Dance Studio will provide a supervised walkover for parents looking for such service.

Walkover service is available for dancers in our 4:15 PM AND 5:15 PM classes.

The schools that will be included on walkover include:

  • First Avenue Public School
  • Corpus Christi Public School
  • Mutchmor Public School

Before the first dance class, parents will be notified of the location where dancers should meet our walkover staff. It will be up to the parents to notify the school that we will be taking their children.

Should your child not be meeting our staff for walkover due to absence from school, please call the reception desk at 613-656-0214 or email info@kvdancestudio.ca to inform us as soon as possible.

Cost: $35 + hst per day (covers entire session. Non-refundable)