Adult Dance Classes

It is never too old to start dancing – or to get back into your dance shoes!

ADULT HIP-HOP: BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE – From classic, to old-school to recent hits this classes great music will keep you moving. Hip Hop movements are all about confidence, creativity and attitude. The class begins with a warm up then a fun, challenging routine that will get you moving on the dance floor with ease. Get ready for an energetic Hip Hop class with Emilie! 2 years Hip Hop dance experience recommended for intermediate class.

Instructor: Emilie Phaneuf

ADULT BALLET: All Levels, Level 1, Level 2, Level 2/3 and Level 3 – The class will focus on  honoring each individual’s possibilities and range of motion. It includes ballet barre, ballet center work, adage and traveling steps across the floor. The whole class encourages a balanced use of the overall musculature to ease the work of the joints, and align the body for optimal posture, while enjoying dance!

Instructor: Daphné Paquette


Instructor: Daphné Paquette

ADULT SASS: Level 1 and Level 2 – Celebrate creativity, individuality, uniqueness and fierceness. Sass Dance is a fusion of dance styles such as Vogue, House, Hip Hop and Burlesque, to get you moving to great music while learning different styles of dance. You won’t want to miss this new class with Emilie; it’s a fabulous way to start your week!

Instructor: Emilie Phaneuf

STREET DANCE: Level 2 – Street dances are all about creativity, confidence, expression and attitude. You will learn hot moves and also work on a choreography that will incorporate all these dance styles. Hip Hop, Reggaeton, Dancehall, Vogue, House… Get ready for an energetic and challenging class!

Instructor: Emilie Phaneuf

Other Adult classes at KV Dance Studio include: Contemporary, Acrobatics, Beginner Handstands, Jazz and More!
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First Time KV Dancers can take 3 drop in classes for just $45 or try 30 days of unlimited classes for just $75 (offers expires one month after purchase)

Drop – In: $20.00
5-Class Card: $95.00
10-Class Card: $180.00
20-Class Card: $360.00
Unlimited Monthly Pass: $150.00 (minimum commitment of 3 months)
Unlimited Auto Renew: $130.00 (minimum one year commitment)

*all passes expiration one year after the purchase date.