Jazz classes will focus on fast-paced choreography set to popular music styles. It is an ever-evolving dance form, so dancers will have the opportunity to constantly learn the newest tricks, turns and movements.

Classes taught at KV Dance Studio will cover all of the latest styles of jazz and encourage individual expression and refined technique. Dancers will explore several stretching movements, across the floor, techniques and combinations, and choreography.

Teaching dancers leaps, turns and footwork, jazz is a great class for ballet dancers.

Some of our Jazz classes are specific to age groups, while others are for dancers with more dance experience. Please note that Intermediate and Advanced Jazz classes are not age specific, but do require permission from the instructor.

For Intermediate and Advanced dancers looking to improve their Jazz technique, we recommend our Progressions Jazz class. This class is a technique only class.

A fun and energetic class fusing jazz styles with pop dance throughout the years. This class will offer you the chance to work your body to a sweat, and work your brain with exciting choreography. All levels are welcome, the warm up is easy to follow along with and the dances are broken down step-by-step (oh baby!)