Ballet Production


Performance Date – Sunday, December 10th, 2017

Performance Times – 11:30am and 4:30pm – please check the performance chart to see which show(s) your dancer is performing in!

Location – Adult High School, 300 Rochester St.

Cost – $15 each. Tickets can be purchased online starting November 9. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE

Who’s performing at the ballet: All ballet classes pre-primary and up (excludes pre-ballet)

Remember to pack the following items:

– A clean, nut-free snack/lunch and a water bottle. A change of clothes or something to wear over your costume while eating is also strongly recommended.

– Your costumes! As well as any regular dance wear that your dancer may need (shoes, leotard, tights etc). If you are unsure what your dancer needs, you may refer to the costume chart that will be emailed following photo week when your dancer has received their costume.

– We strongly encourage dancers to arrive with their hair in the appropriate hairstyle. If this is not possible, please ensure that they are equipped with the appropriate hair supplies in order for us to assist them (brush/comb, hair elastics, hair net, hair pins). We ask that you leave all hairspray at home, as we have several students with severe asthma that is triggered by it.

When You Arrive:

– Dancers in Grade 3 & above – Find your dressing room, sign-in on your class sheet and change into your costume. Then head to the auditorium to find the rest of your class.

– Dancers in Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1/2 – Find your class volunteer(s) in the auditorium and sign-in. If not already changed, put costume on for stage rehearsal and then deposit dance bags/lunch boxes in your class bin.

Before You Leave:

– Clean up your dressing room space and place any garbage/recycling into the appropriate bin!

– Dancers in Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1/2 – collect belongings from class bin!

  • Sign-out on your class sheet or with your volunteer!

KV merchandise, snacks, roses and teddy bears will be available for purchase at the show!

11:30AM Performance
– Arrive by 8:30am for Dress Rehearsal at 9:00am
–  Pre-Primary arrive at 10:15am for a stage rehearsal at 10:30am

  • Sunday Pre-Primary (Arrival of Spring)
  • Grade 3 Ballet (A Narnia Lullaby)
  • Open Ballet Level 1 (Housekeepers)
  • Advanced Foundation Ballet (Foxes)
  • Advanced Foundation Pointe (Snow)
  • Advanced 1 Pointe (Turkish Delight)

4:30PM Performance
– Arrive by 1:30pm for Dress Rehearsal at 2:00pm
– Pre-Primary, Primary and Grade 1/2 arrive at 3:15pm for stage rehearsal at 3:30pm

  • Wednesday Pre-Primary (A Narnia Lullaby)
  • Primary Ballet (Turkish Delight)
  • Grade 1/2 Ballet (The Arrival of Spring)
  • Grade 4 Ballet (Foxes)
  • Grade 3/4 Character (Housekeepers)
  • Intermediate Pointe (Snow)

Both Performances
– Arrive by 8:30am for Dress Rehearsal #1, followed by Performance #1
– After Performance #1, dancers have a lunch break from approx. 12:45-1:45pm
– Dancers must be back in the theatre and ready for Dress Rehearsal #2 by 1:45pm.

  • Grade 5 A (The Wardrobe)
  • Grade 5 B (The Stone Table)
  • Grade 5 + Character (The Coronation)
  • Intermediate Foundation A (The Garden of Statues)
  • Intermediate Foundation B (Ice Palace Attendants)
  • Intermediate Ballet (Aslan’s Army)
  • Grade 6/7 Ballet (White Witch’s Army)
  • Advanced 1 Ballet (London, 1941)
  • All dancers in the main cast (auditioned for a role and attended extra rehearsals)
Dance AM Performance PM Performance
1 London, 1941 Advanced 1 Ballet
2/3 Housekeepers Open Ballet Level 1 Grade 3/4 Character
5 The Wardrobe Grade 5 A
6 Snow Advanced Found. Pointe Intermediate Pointe
7 A Lullaby (Fauns) Grade 3 Ballet Pre-Primary (Wednesday)
10 Turkish Delight Advanced 1 Pointe Primary Ballet
12 Foxes Advanced Found. Ballet Grade 4
13 Garden of Statues Intermediate Foundation A
13 Ice Palace Attendants Intermediate Foundation B
14 The Arrival of Spring Pre-Primary (Sunday) Grade 1/2 Ballet
16 The Stone Table Grade 5 B
17 Aslan’s Army Intermediate Ballet
17 Witch’s Army Grade 6/7 Ballet
18 The Coronation Grade 5+ Character

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