Why choose KV Dance

Our Mission at KV Dance Studio is to provide a well rounded dance education to all, using current and innovative techniques, while maintaining a pressure-free, family oriented fun environment.

Our vision is to keep the dancer as the number one priority of the studio. From scheduling, to lesson planning to even the studio atmosphere, we want students and parents alike to feel that the studio space is their second home. By dancer we do not mean just the client, we mean the instructors as well. When instructors are happy in the environment and classes they teach in, it shows in their work and attitude

Although we provide the opportunity for dancers to experience the competitive world, it is not what defines us. We want dancers to learn how to express themselves to their fullest potential in our studios, not just on stage.


 We do our best to avoid any mistakes. Please check this schedule frequently in the event of changes in class times, names and instructors 


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