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Cancellations Due to Extreme Weather Or Lockdowns Policy 

There will be no makeup class or refund should classes be cancelled due to weather or a city-wide lockdown which may put students and staff at risk.

Disciplinary Policy

For little ones a short time-out may be used for disciplinary issues. This is only used if the child acts out in a way that is detrimental to the enjoyment of the class. Older students may be sent out of the class. Parents will be contacted regarding students who continue to disrupt class.
In extreme cases where a severe infraction has occurred or disciplinary actions have failed to change behaviour a student may be dismissed from the dance program.

Photo policy

On occasion our staff  will take class photos for our social media and in order to make a year-end photo album of all our students. If you have not signed the photo release agreement your child will be asked to step out of the picture.

Medical Conditions

Let us know if your child has a medical condition that may affect his/her ability to fully participate in class. The more we know about the condition the more we can help make his/her dance experience the best it can be. All information is confidential.

Class Placement Policy

Dancers are placed into groups based on ability, age and previous experience. We act in the best interest of our students and place them in a group that will allow them to benefit the most from each and every class. Students that are the same age may be placed in different classes based on their participation, attendance, progress, ability and consistency. This is our way of preventing students from having a bad experience by being in a class that may be too easy or too difficult for them.

If an instructor sees that a student would benefit more from being placed in a different group, that student may be asked to switch after the dance year has begun. Please respect the instructor’s knowledge of where your child should be placed in each year of their dance training. Siblings are discouraged from being in the same class. In most cases, siblings tend to pay better attention, make more friends, and have a more valuable experience if they are in separate classes. 

Overdue Payment Policy

Should your Studio Director account show a positive balance for any class, merchandise or service for longer than one (1) week, you will be charged a 5% of the outstanding balance late fee which will be required to pay in full. An additional 5% will be added each week that payment is delayed. This is non-negotiable.

Cancellations Due to Unforeseeable Events

KV Dance Studio does not give credit and/or refunds for any of its programs missed due to car problems, miscommunication, holidays, birthdays, weddings, funerals, vacation, illness, inclement weather, pandemics, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, lockdowns, power outages, strikes, protests, traffic jams, invasions, etc.