Competitive Training

Competitive Program

When KV Dance Studio existed in a physical space, we ran a successful competitive program for several years, attending several competitions per year.

Our competitive dancers received many awards and special recognition for their passion, artistry, strength, growth and abilities. Several of our past competitive dancers continue to pursue competitive and recreational dance in physical studios and continue participating in our competitive program. Many of our faculty are also award-winning choreographers.

Our virtual instruction can allow all of our faculty to create and choreograph for dancers of varying ages, styles and levels.

If your dancer does not currently belong to a competitive dance team and would like to join KV Dance Studio’s Solo choreography competitive program, mandatory classes include:

  • Ballet (technique, PBT, or any formal ballet program)
  • Conditioning/Limbering or Stretch/Flex
  • Jazz Technique
  • Their competitive specialty (for example, if competing hip hop, must be enrolled in hip hop class. For acro, all suggested acro and additional classes for that style.)

Classes do not have to all be taken virtually. In fact, we encourage you to participate in in-person classes at a studio of your choosing!

Your dancer is welcome to compete with us in as many solos as they can learn confidently and at a stage-ready quality. Contact us for pricing and availability of choreographers.

If your dancer is already a part of a competitive dance team – Check in with your in-person studio if it will be a conflict for submitting entries should they be attending a hybrid event. In addition, several of our instructors are available to do competitive choreography. Contact us for more details!”