KV Virtual sessions – your questions answered!

To all families who have replied with positive messages and well wishes – thank you. As a business owner, never in a million years would I have imagined having to move everything to a virtual platform. 

We are onto day two of our online classes, and have already received a lot of questions. This email serves to hopefully answer any that may be forthcoming.

1) I signed my child up for dance classes and not online classes. Why are we doing this virtually?

Due to the government mandated closures, we cannot currently open the studio to the public. We are aware that online classes are not necessarily the same as in person, but we are still providing excellent instruction given current circumstances.

2) What if my child is too young or not focused enough to do online learning? Will online work for us?

We are only on day two of our online learning for dance – we are all learning too! We have deliberately scheduled our youngest dancers to receive pre-recorded programming so that timing can be flexible around other activities and sessions can be paused and returned to.  We are doing our best to provide everyone with the highest quality dance education in the only manner available to us and we will continue to evolve our methods based on your feedback.  We strongly suggest giving it a try and seeing how it works. Online learning is an effective way to provide instruction for children (and adults!) of all ages.

3) Why is my child receiving a pre-recording? Why not a livestream?

We are all learning how to do this for the very first time too! Some of our classes will remain pre-recorded to give you the option to pause and re-play as necessary, while others will have the opportunity to have a livestream class during their usual class time. We also know that technology can be unreliable, therefore pre-recording will ensure your child’s lesson is complete. As we receive feedback, we will adjust formats if required and we appreciate your patience and support as we figure this out together.

4) I was charged for recital/ballet production costume fees as well as photo fees. When will these events be happening?

As it stands, our plans are not cancelled – just postponed. Much like you, we also do not know what the future has in store and how long this will all last. Once we have more information, we will make the necessary adjustments to reschedule all events.

5) When will Acro, Jazz and Ballet exams be occurring?

Our plan is to continue to work on exam material virtually for now – which includes almost all original training. The organizations responsible for examinations understand that for some elements of training (like tumbling) may not be possible given the restricted spaces, as well as important considerations for safety. Exams may be postponed or remain on their original set date. We will notify all students and families promptly as this information changes.

6) Isn’t online learning a fraction of the cost of in class learning? Why aren’t you adjusting your prices?

Although we are temporarily changing the delivery of our instruction from in person to online, studio and instructor expenses have not changed. Our studio is still required to pay for utilities, rent, insurance, employees wages, and much more. The quality of instructors is still there.

7) What if my house is small and we have no space for dance lessons to take place?

Many of us are in the same situation! All instructors are filming from home in small spaces to accommodate what our dancers have at home too. All programming will be planned with space restrictions in mind and we will continue to listen to your feedback about any components that are not working.

8) What if I want a refund or credit for the Spring session?

As a business, we have made the decision not to issue refunds. While this is a difficult time for all of us, we have adapted quickly and are providing excellent online instruction until we can safely reopen our physical studio doors.

We know that this is not forever. In the spirit of continuity for our business, we are adapting to provide the same high level of dance education that you have become accustomed to at KV Dance Studio. 

I know that some of you may be disappointed with our answers to your questions. We are too. Again, these are difficult times for all of us, and our only wish at KV Dance Studio is that you will stand by us as we navigate through these uncertain times together. 

If you are interested in further supporting the studio, we are currently developing even more livestream options for children and adults that includes some of our favourite competitive choreographers and teachers who do not currently live in Ottawa. Keep checking http://www.kvdancestudio.ca/online-classes/ for additions to the schedule that includes new teachers and classes for everyone (Like Zac Vran!)!

We are also selling gift certificates for future use. Feel free to email us and we would be more than happy to provide you with the gift of dance for friends and family.