Nailah Ramcharan-Gibbs

Nailah Ramcharan-Gibbs is an athletic and energetic performer, teacher, and choreographer who has been deeply entrenched in the performing arts since she was a young child. Her unique athleticism and energetic performance quality stems from her unique background in musical theatre and artistic gymnastics. Her 12 years of competitive training has offered her many opportunities to travel, train, and compete outside of Canada. Since retiring, Nailah has continued to train and perform as an acro dancer and compete in trampoline.

Nailah began her formal dance training at the Etobicoke School of the Arts where she double majored in Dance and Musical Theatre and went on to receive her Honours BFA in Choreography and Performance at York University. During her time in university, Nailah had the opportunity to work with influential artists through her involvement in the Toronto and NYC dance scenes, including Amy Hall Garner, Kylie Thompson, and Suzanne Liska. Most recently, Nailah spent a year dancing at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, where she worked with various choreographers that include Jacqulyn Buglisi, Carolyn Dorfman, Ross Daniels, Helen Simoneau, and Jennifer Muller. Since returning from New York, she has been working as an independent freelance dancer and choreographer for companies including Theatre Oculus, Expect Theatre, The And Stage Company and VIBE Arts.

Nailah is constantly searching for further learning opportunities to strengthen her skills as a teacher, performer, and choreographer. Her artistry utilizes interdisciplinary collaborations, sophisticated athleticism, and transitional performance and imagery, and her movement quality is inspired and influenced by the extremes that the human body can experience and is conducted by nuances of musicality.