Virtual classes begin Monday, March 23!

In order to reduce the spread of the virus through physical contact at KV Dance Studio, our Spring session will move to a virtual platform beginning Monday, March 23. 

On the day of your dancers class(es), dependant on your instructors delivery preference, you will either receive a direct link to a pre-recorded class, or an invitation to join a live class. Instructions for both possibilities are as follows:

1) Pre Recorded Classes: You will receive an email on the day of your dancers class(es) with a link to watch the pre-recorded class. Your dancer can watch and complete the class whenever they can that day. All classes will be sent out on the same day that they would normally occur on at the dance studio unless otherwise indicated by the instructor. 

When you receive this email, you simply need to click on the link provided and begin the class! Because this is a pre-recorded class, your dancer has the ability to pause if they need to take a break or move into a different space. 

2) Live Classes: Your instructor will send you an email invitation to join a LIVE class! This only applies to some classes, as mentioned above at your instructors discretion. If your dancer is enrolled in a class that will be providing the live option, please note that a video recording of the class will also be sent out to the class at the end if someone is not able to join at the allocated time that the class will be airing live. All live classes will happen at the same time that they would normally occur at the dance studio unless otherwise indicated by the instructor.

When you receive this email, you will need to select that you would like to “Join Hangouts Meet” and there will be a link available. Once you click on this link, your camera will open and you can then click on the green button that says “Ask to join.” Because this a live class, your instructor *will give you further instructions for the class and positioning of your camera. They may also ask you the mute your speaker to avoid sound echo and distractions for the dancers!

For dancers ages 8 and under, we encourage some parental supervision to ensure that they are following along to the class.

  • Make sure that you/your dancer find a space at home that is free of obstacles, as well as a safe surface
  • Parents – feel free to join in and dance with your kids! 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

During a time of uncertainty and challenge, it is important to remember that we are all in this together!